15 Best Blogger in India You Must Follow in 2023

Are you looking for the Best Blogger in India, you are at the right place. In this article, you’ll discover the best blogs in India. Its is a Difficult task to Filter Top blogger in India because many Indian bloggers can’t reveal their earning or revenue.

Therefore, it is difficult to determine who is number 1 or number 2.

This list of the best Indian bloggers is supposed to be a baseline for anyone who is willing to have a career in blogging (and digital marketing).

Top 15 Best Blogger in India

There are many famous blogs run by Indians. They’re based on topics like finance, fashion, technology, Lifestyle, Food & Recipe, and more. 

1. Amit Agarwal – Labnol.org

Blogger Name Amit Agarwal
Website/Blog Labnol.org
Started in Year 2004
Niche Tech
Income Source Adsense

He is India’s first professional blogger who pioneered blogging in its truest sense. This famous blog was started by Amit Agarwal since 2004 with a vision to spread the culture of blogging in India. He writes on information related to Blog Like Technology, Internet, Blogging, Digital Marketing, etc.

In a short period of time, Labnol became one of the top 100 technology blogs in the world.

2. Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud.com

Blogger Name Harsh Agrawal
Website/Blog ShutMeLoud.org
Started in Year 2008
Niche Blogging, WordPress, SEO Tips
Income Source Adsense, Affiliate, Direct Ads, Conuslting

Harsh Agarwal is one of the successful bloggers of India and Shout Me Loud is India’s fastest and one of the famous blogs. He explains concepts like social media marketing, affiliate marketing, WordPress blogging, and more. 

Apart from ShoutMeLoud, he also owns other prominent blogs like CoinSutra, WPSutra, ShoutMeTech, and WPhostingDiscount.

3. Shardha Sharma – YourStory.com

Blogger Name Shardha Sharma
Website/Blog YourStory.com
Started in Year 2010
Niche Business Guidence, nterpreneurship
Income Source Adsense

Sharadha Sharma is one of the most recognized and top women bloggers in India. This is one of the popular blogs in India that mainly covers startup related stuff to inspire people around online.

The blog includes the latest news about emerging business trends and up-and-coming startups. You can also read many inspirational stories about the leaders are also shared.

4. Pardeep Goyal – CashOverflow.in

Blogger Name Pardeep Goyal
Website/Blog CashOverFlow.in
Started in Year 2015
Niche Finacial Freedom, Make Money Online
Income Source Consulting, Selling

CashOverflow is a popular financial blog that is started by Pradeep Goyal, one of the famous Indian bloggers.

CashOverflow won the Best Blogging Award from Indiblogger in the personal finance category.

5. Arun Prabhudesai – Trak.in

Blogger Name Arun Prabhudesai
Website/Blog Tr0ak.in
Started in Year 2007
Niche Business News, Technology
Income Source Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Spnsorship

Trak is a very famous news blog that covers all sorts of interesting stories related to the internet, the start-up world, and more.

Trak.in is now India’s most read business blog. Along with the business news, Trak.in also deals with the trending technology in India.

6. Anil Agarwal – BloggersPassion.com

Blogger Name Anil Agarwal
Website/Blog Bloggerpassion.com
Started in Year 2010
Niche Blogging Tips, Affiliate Markeing, SEO
Income Source Affiliate Marketing, Adsense

Anil Agarwal is a professional blogger and the founder of Bloggers Passion. Through his blog, he has developed content around the very fundamentals of blogging, and over the years, his blog has grown very popular.

Blogger Passion is the best place where you will get digital marketing anf blogging tips. It is a good source of information for any beginner who wants to make progress as a professional blogger.

7. Ankit Singla – MasterBlogging.Com

Blogger Name Ankit Singla
Website/Blog MasterBlogging.com
Started in Year 2010
Niche Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing
Income Source Affiliate Marketing, Selling Cource

Ankit is a professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Consultant, and a Trainer. His blog MasterBlogging is mainly focused on making money online, blogging and SEO releted stuff.

8. Deepak Kanakaraju

Blogger Name Deepak Kanakaraju
Website/Blog Digitaldeepak.com
Started in Year 2013
Niche Digital Marketing, Making Money Online
Income Source Selling Products, Consultation

Deepak is a professional Digital Marketer, Author, Trainer from Banglore and he worked as a digital marketing manager in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo and Razorpay. He trains students about digital marketing.

His first startup was BikeAdvice, an online publication which became India’s no.1 motorcycle blog.

He shares his knowledge about the world of online content creation. His blog is one of the highest-rated digital blogs of India. 

9. Kulwant Nagi – BloggingCage.com

Blogger Name Kulwant Nagi
Website/Blog BloggingCage.com
Started in Year 2013
Niche Digital Marketing, Making Money Online
Income Source Selling Products, Consultation

Kulwant Nagi is one of the best Indian bloggers and Affiliate marketer in india. He also travels around the world, attends conferences, gives seminars.

He is an excellent speaker, motivated people through his conferences held at Chitkara University, Lovely Professional University, ITM University, Payoneer, CueLinks, and BlogX conferences.

10. Malini Agarwal – MissMalini.com

Blogger Name Malini Agarwal
Website/Blog MissMalini.com
Started in Year 2008
Niche Bollywood, Fashion, Lifestyle
Income Source Adsense, Aponsored Ads, Collaboration

Malini Agarwal started a blog around Bollywood gossips, fashion, and lifestyle in the year 2008. It’s the most popular blog that covers Bollywood related stuff including news, gossip and so on where you’ll also discover a ton of updates and tips on fashion, lifestyle, better living and so on.

11. Akshya Hallur – BloggingX.com

Blogger Name Akshya Hallur
Website/Blog Bloggingx.com
Started in Year 2014
Niche SEO, Digital Marketing
Income Source Adsense, Aponsored Ads, Collaboration

Akshay is a professional and top blogger, digital marketer, and a trainer. He owns BloggingX, InfoSparkle, and many other online ventures.

He trains newbies on blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing through his courses. He shares tactics and information that can help people earn money online. 

12. Shradha Sharma – VegRecipesofIndia.com

Blogger Name Shradha Sharma
Website/Blog VagRecepiesOfIndia.com
Started in Year 2009
Niche Veg revipes, cooking
Income Source Adsense, Affiliate products selling

VegRecipesofIndia is a blog started by Ms. Dassana. The site contains many simple and tasty vegetarian recipes. If you’re a foodie and mostly prefer veg recipes, you will love this blog.

Veg Recipes of India is probably the most popular food blog in India which has over 1500 food recipes are tried and tested.

13. Imran Uddin – AllTechBuzz.net

Blogger Name Imran Uddin
Website/Blog AllTechBuzz.com
Started in Year 2011
Niche Latest Technology,Phone Review, Gadgets
Income Source Adsense, Sponsored Ads

This is another one of my best Indian blogs that mainly covers all the news related to technology. If you find information about phones, accessories, new launches ten this is perfect blog for you.

14. Nandini Shenoy – PinkVilla.com

Blogger Name Nandini Shenoy
Website/Blog PinkVilla.com
Started in Year 2006
Niche Entertainment, Bollywood News, Fashion
Income Source Google Adsense, Sponsored Ads, Affiliate

If you’re looking for the top entertainment blogs to follow in India, Pink Villa is best for you. It is a high-rated entertainment blog. Here, you can get all the latest buzz of the entertainment industry.

15. Varun Krishnan – FoneArena.com/blog

Blogger Name Varun Krishnana
Website/Blog ForeArena.com
Started in Year 2005
Niche Gadgets, Computers
Income Source Adsense, Direct Ads

Varun Krishnan is the owner of India’s most popular mobile blog – FoneArena. This is also one of the oldest Indian blogs that was launched way back in 2005. It was awarded as the most influential gadget blog in the world.

Best Blogs worth Following:

FAQ – Popular Indian Bloggers

Who Are The Top Indian Bloggers?

These are the top 3 popular bloggers of Indian which are best in providing earning and knowledge.

1. Harsh Agrawal from Shout Me Loud
2. Amit Agarwal from Labnol and
3. Amit Bhawani from Phone Radar

How do bloggers earn money?

Bloggers earn money through –

– Advertisements on their site,
– Affiliate links and products
– Sponsoring products or services

Final Thoughts – Top Bloggers in India

Blogging is one of the best options to make a career. Many bloggers are making good earning through their blogs. Today we are sharing for you the list of some such popular bloggers form India. If you also want to become a successful blogger then definitely follow them.

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