100+ High DA Directory Submission Sites List For SEO 2023

Are you looking for the top free directory submission sites list with high DA (domain authority) and lowest spam score? You’re in the right place.

If you’re facing a problem to increase your traffic, focus on SEO. But it is NOT as easy and simple a process as it sounds. You need a lot of quality backlinks in order to generate more website traffic. Here’s where free directory submission sites (High DA with lowest Spam Score) help.

More websites to build quality backlink quickly.

Web directories are keys to index quality websites in search engines. Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo, and many search engines count such directories as a vote to rank websites.

High DA FREE Directory Submission Sites List

You can get the links for your website without getting to wait or even paying.

  • Entireweb Directory: DA 52
  • Viesearch: DA 42
  • SoMuch.com: DA 36
  • Jayde.com: DA 41
  • LinkCentre.com: DA 41
  • IntelSeek.com: DA 22
  • A1WebDirectory.org: DA 34
  • InfoTiger.com: DA 30
  • Cipinet.com: DA 34
  • SitesWebDirectory.com: DA 25
  • 1WebsDirectory.com: DA 30
  • OneMillionDirectory.com: DA 22
  • Nonar Directory: DA 27
  • MasterMoz.com: DA 28
  • AceWebDirectory.com: DA 32
  • DonDir.com: DA 27
  • LinkRoo.com: DA 20
  • PromoteBusinessDirectory.com: DA 27
  • 9Sites.net: DA 30
  • Bhanvad.com: DA 30
  • eTaaps.org: DA 34
  • WorldWeb-Directory.com: DA 25
  • DirectoryCritic.com: DA 32

So Here are More Directory Sites Submission Lists:

Website ListStatusDA

What is Directory Submission

Directory submission is a process of submitting website URL in relevant category of a web directory. It is part of search engine optimization. 

Simply to say, it is the process of adding website to web directory. It is one of the off-page SEO techniques. To submit your website details like name, link, and description of your website, you need to select the best directory.

free directory submission sites list

Directory submission helps to generate more traffic flow towards your website and improves the search engine rankings. It also increases your domain authority in google search results.

What are the benefits of directory submission in SEO?

Directory submission is one of the most popular used SEO strategies. Here are the few benefits of directory submission

1. For better search engine rankings: Directory submission is a great way to build links and boost search engine rankings. Most SEO experts and Digital Marketer argue that most free directory submission sites are of no use in terms of getting better SEO results but they are definitely worth giving a try.

2. Increase your SERP Rankings: Web directory submission is a link-building technique that is also helpful in getting good SERP rankings.

3. Generate more traffic to your site: We all know that an increase in SERP rankings means an increase in traffic. Some of the benefits of getting highly targeted traffic are increasing conversions, signups, and more ad clicks.

4. Increase Domain Authority of Your Website: Domain authority is one of Moz’s metrics. Web directory submissions help you to increase your domain authority. Higher the Domain Authority score of your website, the Higher chances you have to rank in the top positions on the SERP (Search Engine Result Position).

Types of directory submission

There are three types of Directory Submissions Sites List:

  1. Free or Regular Web Listing: It is free for directory submission but there is no guarantee for getting approved your link by the administrator and it will take lots of time.
  2. Paid or Featured Web Listing: The owner of the directories site will charge for submission. 
  3. Reciprocal Regular Web Listing: In this, a reciprocal link must be submitted to your site when you activate Directory Link, only then the Directory administrator will approve your link.

There are two kinds of web directories on the internet. One which offers Paid Link Submissions and the other which offers Free Link Submission.

1. Free Web Directories

There are many web directories that offer free link submission. And the best thing is that they are highly authoritative and have fewer spam scores too.

2. Paid Web Directories

These directories are highly authoritative and have very little spam score. these web directories will surely help you to increase your website’s authority.

The other advantage of using paid web directories, they provide faster indexing of links will help you to boost your rankings on the SERPs.

Deep-link Submission is the use of a hyperlink that links to a particular piece of web material. So if you are interested in building links to some of your posts. Then you need to create some deep links on these web directories.

Build a limited amount of deep links for your website. And these deep links should also be built on spam-free directories.

Some tips for not going wrong on submissions:

  • Submit your website to the most suitable sub-category.
  • Do not submit your website to the wrong category just for gainful listings.
  • Remember, not to spam a directory.
  • Make sure the physical address or blog Url you provide is correct.
  • Never use automated submission tools which make 1000 submissions in one minute.
  • Submit to various types of directories like general, niche, regional, country-specific, industry-specific, premium directories, etc.

FAQ – Directory Submission Sites List

Does directory submission still work in 2021?

Yes directory submission is one of the best off page SEO techniques where you can easily get links without paying or waiting for too long.

What is business directory submission?

Business directory submission is simply including your website’s address or URL in business directories such as Google, YP, Yelp etc.

How to do directory submission step by step?

Here are 3 simple steps to do directory submission easily.
Step 1: Pick any of the free directory submission sites.
Step 2: Choose a relevant category for your submission.
Step 3: Once you found the appropriate sub category on the submission site, you can find buttons like “submit blog”, “click on submit your site” etc to submit your site for free.

Final Thoughts – Directory Submission Sites List

You need to have a little patience to see the results from your online directory submissions.

Did you find this post useful? Do you have any questions regarding to free directory submission sites? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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